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Everyday Herbal Beauty Care is registered under Khadi & Village Industries Commission since 2005. It was set up by Mr. Rajesh Shah in 2004.

“KHADI” took form as a part of the freedom struggle to revive village industries, under the leadership and encouragement of Mahatma Gandhi, to provide them with the where withal to make their own basic needs for a comfortable life.

Now, “KHADI” conjures a vision of villages that stand independent all over India, as a sincere effort to make villagers wholly self-sufficient. Pure, basic goodness and a gift of nature. It is in a manner – the essence of India.

Our Mission

  • To introduce Gramodya in the villages of pan India.
  • We are on the mission to provide respected jobs to youth who deserves.
  • We believe that each village of India has a potential to give birth to businessmen, scientists & researchers.
  • We built one community who will lead us. We promote total wellness throughout the aging process and helps to live better, much better life.
  • We believe to open our 100 retail outlets till 2020.
  • Our target is to raise our business and products in each state of India.
  • We hope we will enter the International Market in future and gain the leading position in Skin Care Sector of the World.

Our Vision

  • India's destitution was possible to remove through making villages much stronger.
  • Being a bridge to bring Indian Culture of Villages to the people of metropolitan cities of India.
  • To bring the handmade products of people from villages to the whole world.
  • Our ideology with such a vision is for rural self-reliance & reach to India's remote area person. By doing this, the village becomes self-reliant and the Gramodyog will establish.
  • Our main aspect is to break the dependency of a village on the metro & become a self-reliant village.
  • We believe that Gramodya is the nations' rural economy's soul.

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